What we do

(i-echo Mee-dia) 

Ieko Media is a military veteran owned and operated design studio in Houston, TX; with the focus of delivering quality 3D and virtual reality content creation for Architectural Design, Manufacturing, Engineering, and anyone with an Idea worth developing! Also cinema quality Film Production and Commercial Photography. This includes realistic 3D Visual renders, product placement, photogrammetry scans, and 3D design consulting.

Short list of services include:

  • Realistic 3D Environment/Interior Design
  • Virtual Reality Environments – All Professions
  • Virtual Reality content – All content types
  • Recreation of large scale spaces with automation thats Computer Generated
  • 3D for Medical, Energy, and Proprietary use
  • Interactive Virtual Reality
  • Commercial Film/Video Production
  • Commercial Photography
  • 3D Product/Brand Design
  • 50MP – 360 Photogrammetry
  • 6k 360 degree Video
  • Corporate Video/Photo
  • 100MP Medium format Commercial Photography

How we do it

With over 16 years of design experience, we start with consulting to have a better understanding of your vision, while offering our own creative approach to bring that vision to life.

  • We work within the project’s timeline to ensure we deliver on time.
  • Realistic 3D visuals created in a VR custom shell for 2D/360/VR deliveries.
  • Using Real work textures to provide an accurate representation that is true to reality.
  • 50 mega-pixel 360 camera for photogrammetry and 360 environment landscapes.
  • RED Dragon 6K film camera for all filmed-video media.
  • World class professional photography with over 300 clients.

Where we work

Our office is located in Houston.

We service nationally to reach all available markets.

We will travel or set up a video conference for your convenience.

A Military Veteran Company with clearance to bid on Military, Texas State, Houston City, Science, and Private Energy contracts.

Texas HUB Certified

Houston Small Business Certified


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Hours of Work


Commercial Projects


Completed Projects

3D Design Explained

From architects, developers, and interior/exterior clients with creative direction in mind, we provide a unique approach in bringing realism to your design; with an immersive and genuine feel for real world textures and lighting. Our goal is to project your concepted vision as if it exists today.

A visual story telling experience with creative motion cameras to invigorate the audience and inspire the development.

Dynamic image renderings for marketing, branding, and advertising often at no-cost when booking a full design project.

Interior/exterior design consulting and styling

When we’ve completed the visualization of your project, you’ll have the option to convert it into an Interactive Virtual Reality Experience that can be a no-cost option when booking a full design project.

6K Film/Video Commercial Services

We film all of our commercial and corporate content with our 6K RED Dragon film camera. This is important because we understand that branding is not short term, and we want to guarantee you will be able to re-purpose the content for years to come.

Our production consists of color accurate lighting, conditioned to shoot in even the extreme Houston Sun while remaining balance within the luminance and shadow values.

For those businesses that need it, we can provide 3D, visual effects, beauty skin correction, and dynamic post production, from object to people removal. We understand it is not easy or financially favorable to book a re-shoot; your time is valuable and you need that time to run your business.

Able to travel, and require a substantial advanced notice for large scale production needs.

All clientele will receive a 100 gig travel drive of the raw, uncut high resolution footage, color corrected, and ready for any future project use.

Professional Photography

Photography has become a lost art by way of over saturation and no desire to care about the technique. At Ieko Media, our values extend from the time of black and white film photography and over the years as we migrated into digital, we have upheld the precision and care in delivering the perfect shot.

When we approach photography for business, we look at how to improve the longevity that the client is trying to portray, this includes getting creative ideas that takes the client outside of the general corporate box.

We take in providing the same level of quality that you would find in industries such as fashion. We care about our clients and it also means a lot if our business clients have the same confidence in the imagery they are trying to capture as other industries.

Short list of services include:

  • Product Design
  • Commercial
  • Corporate Branding
  • Architectural
  • Reference Capture
  • Business Portraits/Head shots
  • Destination Development
  • Science/Military/Private Organization

Photogrammetry – 360 Site + Scans

We utilize either the NCTech iStar 360 Fusion 50 mega-pixel camera system or Obsidian 6k Film Camera to produce high dynamic range 360 imagery. These images can be used to recreate interior spaces very quickly in 3D through precision engineering to compute and create point cloud from multiple images. These scans can be used for forensic legal cases, science, accurate lighting,  environment recreation, and realistic texture processing.

If you are wanting a 360 point and click walk-through experience; instead of a fully interactive platform, we can use the iStar to create 360\VR stages for existing environments.