Metrey Pheap Christian Baptist Harvey HELP

Metrey Pheap Christian Baptist Church was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey and is seeking your assistance.

I attend Metrey Pheap Christian Baptist, which is a primarily Cambodian church that is open to all. Last weekend Hurricane Harvey brought 4 feet of contaminated flood water and mud throughout the church and kitchen, destroying everything in its path. The church is starting over and could use your help. Everything from audio, pews, pulpit, chairs, kitchen, tables, everything needs to be replaced. Here are a list of things you can do.

  • Talk to your church and see if they have anything that would be of service to the church
  • Contact Reachanny to coordinate a drop off.
  • Donate funds if your church is unable to help with existing items.
  • Visit once the church is operational so we can show our love for supporting our church.

We are a small church but a big family. There are others who make up the decision making but carry a heavy Khmer accent. Reachanny is the best form of contact, please see below for her information and also a link to donate if you are able to. Donations will go toward the cleanup and rebuild efforts or renting a truck should we need to coordinate a delivery from your church.

You can always contact Ieko Media if you have any questions or concerns.

Point of contact
Reachanny Mea

email if needed: – This is Jamiel’s (ieko’s Owner) email address for assistance.

Church address is:
13002 green river road
houston Texas, 77044

To Donate monetarily, please contact Reachanny for physical contribution or go to:

Please continue to join us in prayer support so that we may continue to seek and to trust the Lord for His provision to restore the church building and have a place to worship Him.
Thank you my brothers and sisters for remembering us in prayer in the time like this. May the Lord touch your hearts and take part in His Mission.
In all things we give thanks..

Thank you so much for your help!


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  1. savann Kruoch
    savann Kruoch says:

    I so sorry to see all of these messes. We are facing the same problem and we did a lot of cleaning for the past two weeks, we still have a lot of things to do. The molds are building up badly.
    Keep praying for each other.


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