Flame of Desire Series

Flame of Desire is a businesswoman’s take on a spontaneous situation. Kim booked the series with trust and no idea what to expect because it was only open to one person. Her only information was to come straight from work, let go of everything going on outside, and unwind through desire – she accepted the challenge of the series.

While shooting I hid behind a raised object on the side to give the effect she was the only person in the room filled with candles and my voice radiating off the walls, as I gave her slight direction to make sure she remained properly angled for the camera – her movements were her own readouts of the situation.

She completely embodied the experience and the energy was something I would never forget. She’s never done a photoshoot before this and seeing her let go,  without question, pride, or ego left me as an artist, appreciating the value of what we captured even more. The experience continued further after what you see on the website, but that’s for her private collection.

Project description

21 Floor up in River Oaks Houston

144 Candles

50mm Lens – 50D Canon Camera

89 photos taken – 6 non usable – 83 edited for final delivery

No knowledge of the concept, just trust and eagerness to explore the idea