Krazy Meets Karma – Coming Soon

Heartbroken and distraught, she packs her bags to stay with her best friend Gloria, a radio show personality with issues of her own. Gloria’s (almost best) friend and ping pong legend, Jesse James and Summer are at Gloria’s house one evening and decide to make vision boards about what they want to achieve in life. Later that same night, Summer finds out that her ex-boyfriend is now engaged to be married. Finding herself on the phone stuck in a conversation with him while trying to come to terms with her humiliation, she blurts out that she is making a movie about..mermaids!

Unable to face any more embarrassment, she now has to find a way to make the actual movie. Jesse swoops in like a fairy godparent and gets Summer on track to success. It turns out that Gloria is also looking for an unusual topic, such as mermaids, to explore for her radio program, which is about to collapse, and finds that helping Summer would be the perfect way to turn her show around. Jesse, also a wannabe filmmaker, joins them in their antics and all three set out on their mermaid-seeking adventure, all the while trying to make their wildest vision board dreams come true.

Project description

After unforeseen circumstances, Ieko Media was requested to take over the remaining 80% of production. This included on-set lighting, Audio, 1st AD, and Cinematography.

Cinematography by Jamiel Boling
Audio and Set Assistant : Pat Keo
Set Assistant : Karolyn Skalany
Director : Stacey Summers of Poppy Pro Productions

Film is currently in post-production