VR / AR Projects

At the moment our studio is in full production mode creating several Virtual Reality material packages for several clients. Due to the current competitive climate, I have refrained from mentioning the clients names for their privacy and our ability to give sound creative advice as we push forward without distractions.

You will see less material posted on the website until we are able to share this information. If seeking Virtual Reality content from motion to program interactive systems, please inquire through our contact page.

Project description

Virtual Reality (VR) content creation includes:
360 based photos
360 Film 24fps 6k Content
360 High Speed 120fps 6k Content
Digitally Created worlds, spaces, and objects viewed in 3D
Computer system interactive based VR – Industry Learning, Job Training, running optimization simulation or quality control





This photo is completely digital and was created from scratch of our clients facility. Its apart of their virtual reality project as we develop a fully immersive system.