Why the Hydrogen (pre-order) is the best choice for me.

Over the last day I’ve seen some pretty positive posts and I’ve seen some people dragging others down for reasons they cannot understand. So I wanted to share my reasons for getting the Titanium RED Hydrogen Phone/Media Device.

This is written in my own words because I am not able to record a video on location at the moment. (out of space on my phone) #goFigure


  1. The only reason I use iPhone is because of the camera
  2. I run out of space everyday on my iPhone
  3. No other phone maker will cater to media because their largest base are common consumers who don’t care about that.
  4. I upgrade for every iPhone and now they are behind (still no price drop)
  5. I own a Red Dragon Camera and can not use the phone native with my camera
  6. I currently use an iPad to control the RED camera on set so #replacesThat
  7. It’ll likely have the best quality media function for a phone
  8. RED normally offers a discount when releasing later versions for those that have prior models
  9. They will have attachments made for the phone level capture
  10. New age in marketing media content through VR/3D /AR and Holo
  11. Provide this as a service to my clients for their social marketing while enjoying it for myself.
  12. I am developing a VR platform and this can be integrated.
  13. Early purchases will come with a special gift
  14. Lock in the rate, RED is known to raise their rates
  15. I will still have my iPhone for my motion control devices and rig heads since I bought it, in case the apps don’t translate over.
  16. Did I mention SmallHD is 7inch – only a 2D monitor – isn’t a phone and cost $3k smh (there are more non-sense items out with much higher prices that everyone buys)
  17. We as cinematographers aren’t asking to replace our film cameras with phone cameras just as we are not looking to make photo cameras film cameras ( #DSLR ). We simply want a better option that’s convenient and amazing quality while out n about.
  18. I can always cancel the order if I feel the final details aren’t worth it but looking at the above.. Unlikely

And believe me I am not 100 percent happy with RED. I bought batteries not realizing there was only a 3-month warranty and they drop to 15min performance and some less after about 6 months. I was stuck with them and no way of getting replacements now they are used as expensive paperweights. I won’t buy industry or gold/Vmount batteries because of this setback, we smaller studios are not made of money. I now use unconventional batteries with just as long run time and fewer than 100 bucks each and they’ve all lasted me without fail. I do trust RED because of the quality and limits they keep pushing. I hope to build that last 10% of trust back up.

People keep going back to past orders and issues but when RED released RED ONE many had a lot to say at that time. The system paved the way for The RED team to solve 2+2 now that they’ve made it to complex math, they no longer need to jump back to 2+2 to release a new product. They take what they have, mixed with other emerging markets and existing technology and build on that.

If this has been in the works for 3 years, you can bet your ass there are many prototypes just like the RED ONE because they were testing and getting feedback.

You think RED is unaware of the latest cell phone tech or unaware of those features coming? They know and they are working around them by beating them before they hit the market.

That’s like asking why won’t canon release a medium format since they are so advance because they don’t have to. The consumer keeps buying their products to use for video and because of that, pushes back their photography releases. By the time they release a medium format camera that’s medium priced like the Fuji 50s, it will be too late. RED is not waiting for the heat to simmer down before they say ok “What’s the next product on the list we can ship out to these suckers.” He’s not looking for a flood of emails about cell phones for him to start working on one. The sooner these companies stop letting consumer spending dictate their releases and start challenging the market you’ll continue to see companies with leaders like Jarred and Elon saying “hey we have this quantum camera and its 2019”..lol, while canon says “hey, look at me, we have a new camera and it’s not made for photographers but has a photography camera body.. and doesn’t shoot 4k Raw.”

Let them light a fire under current phone makers. If RED released a medium format photo camera I would consider it as well.

I’ve moving away from canon since my introduction to RED a few years ago because of the nonsense and I’ve also understood that overpriced equipment like much of the lenses coming out will have to come to an end. Sigma is doing to lenses (Art /Cine) what Tilta is doing for equipment (nucleus-M) and what RED is doing for film quality and design.

The market is getting saturated, prices are actually going up and you know what we don’t have?

One interactive device that works with our production. I have about 5 that can all be driven from one device and that device looks like this. If it’s not then we will have to see how this develops over time but I believe it is, with consumer feedback and knowing Jarred, he’ll get it there.

Sooooo, If you are in the same boat, have the same feelings, you might want to consider this move.


Jamiel Boling
Owner / Cinematographer / VR Designer / VFX-3D Supervisor / Photographer / Executive Producer